Dylan Lloyd
Software Engineer
(917) - 853 - 4726
Professional Experience
Tower Research Capital 2018
- 2023
Liaison to FPGA development from DevTools Compute Development Platform. Sole
developer of specialized dependency management system for FPGA design. Owner-
ship of end to end CI/CD pipelines for hardware simulation on Kubernetes. Man-
aged Kubernetes clusters across bare me tal colocated datacenters. Developed Python
applications for resourc e management, automated image creation and prod uc tion de-
ployment. Managed private GitLab, Gerrit and Gitolite instances for ˜30+ trade
teams. Ownership of highly available geo-distributed Artifactory instances with ˜40
terrabytes of binary and package data. Implemented comprehensive monitoring and
backup strategies for critical servic es .
Addepar 2016 - 2018 Highly available internal toolchain development for machine & environment provi-
sioning, aut he ntication & authorization within an auditable financial platform repre-
senting $500 billion assets under management. Developed Python Flask app lic ations
for internal core workflows. Developed Python utilities to parse and pro ce ss financial
data injested for product. Managed compute resources on AWS.
Pho e ni x Age / Kabam 2013
- 2016
Technical lead of scalable backend infrastructure, and full stack feature development
for top grossing, massively multiplayer mobile games of 15+ million users. Developed
Chef c ookbooks for automated deployment and scaling of production game environ-
ments on Google Cloud.
DuckDuckGo 2011 - 2013 Developed and managed open source repositories hosted on GitHub, responsible for
responding to pull requests. Added features to and maintained the DuckPAN plat-
form. Implemented business driven integrations with companies such as ESPN and
Amazon. Wrote internal services and development tools, servicing ˜4 million daily
users. Managed compute resources on AWS.
Technical Skills
Languages Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Objective C, C, C++, J avascript, Java, Shell, SQL, Haskell
Softwar e Packages NGiNX, Apache, MySQL, Mar iaD B, Postgres, Vertica, Couchbase, Redis, Mem-
cached, Nagios, Sensu, Ganglia, Wavefront, Sumologic, BIND, ACME, Postfix, Dove-
cot, Chef, Gitolite, Gitlab, Gerri t, Salt, Docker, Conda, Kubernetes, Artifactory,
Vault, Grafana, Pr ometh e us
Personal Projects
nasm-demonstration 64 and 32 bit Netwide Assembly demonstration, in the form of a needlessly compli-
cated hello world featuring a branch, macro and function.
p owermate I wrote this Haskell program to control Alsa, MPD and Pianobar with a Griffin
Powermate, binding arbitrary shell scripts to physical gestures. It is available in the
Arch User Repository.
matrixnullspace.com A web application written in Python to calculate the null space, eigenvalues and
determinant of a given matrix.