descriptionhaskell-powermate event bindings
last changeMon, 26 Mar 2012 00:03:42 +0000 (20:03 -0400)
2012-03-26  Dylan Lloydfixed mutes/pauses for long pressed rotations master
2012-03-25  Dylan Lloydback now works with mpd
2012-03-25  Dylan LloydFix: back now goes back...
2012-03-25  Dylan LloydFix: back now goes back
2012-03-17  Dylan Lloydadded Arch Linux PKGBUILD etc. to .gitignore
2012-03-13  Dylan Lloydfixed man pag typo
2012-03-13  Dylan Lloydadded pianobar control scripts
2012-03-13  Dylan LloydFixed typo and added pianobar-{next,pause} to man page
2012-03-13  Dylan LloydFixed mixed up icons for volume-toggle
2012-03-13  Dylan LloydAttempted to make the man page a little clearer
2012-03-13  Dylan Lloydmoved shell scripts up in file section of man page
2012-03-13  Dylan Lloydadded control scripts and icons to repo
2012-03-13  Dylan Lloydadded `back` for mpd, and fixed non-display problem
2012-03-13  Dylan Lloydnow using volume-toggle shell script
2012-03-12  Dylan Lloydadded example, notes and files to man page
2012-03-12  Dylan LloydAdded udev rule for device access
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