Project Description Last Change
cellular-automaton.git 1D and 2D cellular automaton on a HTML canvas 11 years ago my website 7 months ago
dylansserver.git my (old) website 7 years ago
fvlc.git play and download videos from pentadactyl in vlc automatically 11 years ago
i_like_pandora.git search for our favorite songs and download them 13 years ago
irssi-notify.git desktop notifications from remote irssi sessions 11 years ago calculates the null space, eigenvalues and determinant of a matrix 10 years ago
minimax.git unbeatable game of tictactoe using naive minimax 14 months ago
mudd.git multiuser dungeon demonstration 14 months ago
nasm.git 32 and 64 bit Netwide Assembler hello world, with a branch, macro and function 11 years ago
powermate.git haskell-powermate event bindings 12 years ago
simpletimingattack.git a simple timing attack implementation 9 years ago
testing.git test repository 14 months ago