64 and 32 bit Netwide Assembly demonstration, in the form of a needlessly complicated hello world featuring a branch, macro and function.


Unbeatable tictactoe.

Uses the minimax algorithm.

Check it out here.


The initial instance of this server, which once ran it's namesake virtual domain on a custom MVC framework (it had a few more features then). It also ran mail, DNS, git, VPN, IRC and other services with automated deployments and backups.


This program implements a simple timing attack. It measures the execution time of a target program over a number of iterations, rotating through a character set and appending the fastest (or slowest) character to the result.


One and two dimensional cellular automata animated on an HTML canvas. Two dimensional automaton seeds can be drawn on the screen and animated.

Check it out here.


Searches YouTube for what you like on Pandora. Then downloads the first video.


This web application written in Python calculates the null space, eigenvalues, and determinant of an arbitrary matrix.


irssi-notify forwards IRC notifications over a TCP/IP socket for local desktop alerts from a remote GNU/Screen'd session.


This Haskell program uses the haskell-powermate bindings to control Alsa, MPD and Pianobar from a Griffin PowerMate supporting long presses and twist motions.


This bash script listens for hidden outbound HTTP requests for flash video files and restarts the stream in a chosen application.

professional work: